Deep Freeze: Pool Tips for Freezing Temps

Graphic of pool with ice around edges that says, Deep Freeze: Pool Tips for Freezing Temps

This time of year, the weather can keep us guessing. Just when you expect the warmer temperatures to roll in, a Polar Vortex hits.  What happens in the winter, and even early spring, can impact your summer fun by the pool. So let’s talk about how to keep your pool in good condition when the … Continue reading Deep Freeze: Pool Tips for Freezing Temps

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Top Pool Tips for Snowbirds

Older couple splashing along the edge of a pool and smiling

What Are Snowbirds? No, it’s not an actual bird. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the definition, winter visitors (the more politically correct term), more commonly known as “snowbirds,” are seasonal travelers, usually retirees, who head south when colder weather approaches. Some of the most popular warm weather states that these travelers head … Continue reading Top Pool Tips for Snowbirds

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Bundle Up Your Pool For Winter

Swimming pool with snow covering it and the surrounding yard and trees

Do I Need to Close My Pool? … if you live somewhere with a notable change in the seasons (i.e. not Texas or Florida) then the answer is likely yes! Once the water temperature remains consistently below 65°F, it’s time to start thinking about closing up shop. We get it. Closing your pool indicates putting … Continue reading Bundle Up Your Pool For Winter

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How to Throw a Safe Kids’ Pool Party

Family with kids in a pool smiling, with caption "How to throw a safe kids' pool party"

Children who were born during the warm spring and summer months routinely experience a perk that fall and winter babies have only dreamed of—annual birthday pool parties! These fortunate kids have the luxury of mixing their birthday celebrations with cannonball dives and games of Marco Polo. But along with all of the sun and fun … Continue reading How to Throw a Safe Kids’ Pool Party

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How To Avoid Sunburn

Mom putting sunscreen on her daughter near the pool

Where would we be without the sun? Cold, pale and starving, that’s where. The sun is the source of all life on this planet, and mild exposure to its plentiful rays can help boost your immune system and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However, too much sun can result in a myriad … Continue reading How To Avoid Sunburn

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